Doctorate Programs (PhD or DBA)

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The Doctoral Research (PhD) program is a rigorous academic program reflecting independent mastery of a specialized field of knowledge and the successful pursuits of original research. Efforts require academic discipline together with a significant commitment of time and effort. It involves highly focused study in a particular area of interest and culminates in the research efforts of original work. Aston American University offers online doctoral programs that are flexible and convenient, allowing students to work towards their degree from anywhere and anytime. As students work to progress their professional goals, one of Aston American University’s highly qualified PhD mentors will assist each student with an individualized and personalized experience.

The Doctoral Research PhD program represents an extended academic study into a particular field of knowledge with a clearly defined objective. Students will work closely with their professors who will also provide mentorship to obtain approvals in each step of the doctoral learning process. Those who earn the PhD degree must be able to demonstrate significant intellectual achievement and must contribute to their respective field of investigation via scholarly knowledge. Therefore, candidates of the PhD program should have earned their master’s degree in the same field of study chosen for their doctoral work.

Doctoral Research 

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