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The Aston American University IELTS test preparation program will provide students with applicable testing knowledge, and will assist students to score the highest possible "band" score (result) on the IELTS exam. Live certified instructors from Aston American University will also provide IELTS prep students the necessary tools to complete all course materials designed to supplement the ability to score well on test day. In addition to one-on-one private office hours, each student will have personalized attention for all activities and assignments.

By taking your next step to prepare for the IELTS exam with Aston American University, you will gain sufficient knowledge that is required to apply yourself in the four test areas of the English language: 
- Listening
- Reading
- Writing
- Speaking

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Prior to starting an IELTS prep course from Aston American University, students must take an assessment placement test to assess each student’s current level of English proficiency. The assessment test will determine the appropriate course level students are to be placed to best succeed on test day. Each level (B1 or B2) is a 10-week online course, which begins on the first week of each month (for new students). The introduction session of the online course is instructed by private English instructors who will guide each student through the learning system. During the remainder of the course, private instructors will routinely follow up with each student’s progress; checking grades, assignments, and communicating with students regarding any IELTS prep concerns. Throughout the course, each student will receive the full support and assistance of both their private English instructor and the supporting staff of Aston American University. Supporting staff members of Aston American University will monitor to ensure that students are progressing smoothly according to each student’s IELTS prep schedule, and that all assignments and activities are completed.   



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