ESL: Level 400 - Advanced

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Each week for eight (8) weeks, students will be tutored one-on-one online for thirty (30) minutes as your certified instructor gives you their full and undivided attention. This means you can focus on practicing your pronunciation and comprehension without having to worry about any other student. In addition to your weekly thirty (30) minute online sessions with your live tutor, developed course materials are available to supplement your learning goals.

You can learn English at your own pace and privacy without even having to leave your home. The Advanced course is intended for students to independently build up their English skills and confidence in a structure that has the highest level of instruction. This configuration of advancement via learning modules, activities, and assignments will help leave students proficient in:
- Speaking and pronunciation for the workplace
- Advanced grammar
- Advanced vocabulary
- Advanced listening comprehension
- Advanced speaking
- Advanced pronunciation
- Advanced reading comprehension
- Advanced writing

This level of advanced course is still facilitated by a live certified ESL instructor who will provide personalized feedback on activities and assignments, as well as real time office hours.  

English as a Second Language (ESL) Level 400

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