ESL: Level 300 - Intermediate

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Each week for eight (8) weeks, students will be tutored one-on-one online for thirty (30) minutes as your certified instructor gives you their full and undivided attention. This means you can focus on practicing your pronunciation and comprehension without having to worry about any other student. In addition to your weekly thirty (30) minute online sessions with your live tutor, developed course materials are available to supplement your learning goals.

You can learn English at your own pace and privacy without even having to leave your home. The Intermediate learning modules and assignments are designed to focus more on the essential skills necessary to enter the English-speaking workforce or higher education institutions. Level 300 places more of an emphasis on developing skills in the areas of speaking and pronunciation as well as writing. Students entering this level will have also established a firm grasp on fundamental competences such as listening and reading comprehension.

Our certified ELS instructor will continue to provide private, one-on-one feedback to allow students the support they need to grasp intermediate levels of grammar and pronunciation that arise with progressively difficult activities structured for this level of learning. Areas of focus:
- Speaking and pronunciation for the workplace
- Writing for the workplace
- Listening comprehension
- Listening and reading comprehension for the workplace

This level also offers a live certified ESL instructor who will coach and provide personalized feedback and individual grading to improve comprehension of the course objectives.  

English as a Second Language (ESL) Level 300

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