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Entrepreneurship Certificate | Requires 8 completed credits: (2 courses, 4 credits each)

Explore the foundations of launching a new business and gain insights that entrepreneurs must face when developing a new business opportunity.

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If your goal is to empower yourself to meet the growing expectations of today’s business world, let Aston American University help inspire you. Motivating yourself to support your aspirations may be the best investment you can make for the future you envision. Imagine utilizing the most effective business principles at your workplace. Prepare for advancements as you gain newly acquired marketable skills, stronger business communication and critical thinking capabilities. Are you ready to apply effective real-world application with your current experience? Be ready to showcase your leadership potential and passion to succeed.

Certificate courses are instructed by highly educated and qualified instructors who hold doctoral and master’s level degrees. Their corporate business experience will be an asset to you because Aston American University instructors will also provide mentorship. By taking the next step to improve your understanding of business with Aston American University, you’ll be on your way to applying real-world business concepts, contributing to the world around you.


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