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Aston American University delivers an attainable online higher education that inspires students from all over the world to connect their e-learning experience to practical real-world skills.

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  1. Student-Centered: Our learning systems, programs, teaching methods, and student support systems are oriented towards the benefit of our students. We believe that the online experience should be blended with a personal connection and support in order to generate the best learning outcomes.
  2. Professional Excellence: We encourage our students to become the best employees and managers they can be. We teach our students that performance needs to be measured based on standards, personal and organizational goals.
  3. Innovation: We believe that education must evolve and fit itself into the changing business environment.
  4. Teamwork: The AAUN family is all about the team. We choose qualified subject matter experts in their field in order to create and deliver quality programs for our students. Our instructors, administration, student relations, and marketing teams are working closely with each other in order to provide the best experience for our students.

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Become a leading brand in management and business administration, known for our innovative and user-friendly programs.

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  1. Create a globally recognized university.

  2. Provide our students with top quality programs, which combine theories and practical tools for the rapidly changing employment arena.

  3. Keep our high standards of customer service.

  4. Help our students enhance their English and business acumen.

  5. Develop a leading B2B organizational development department.

  6. Create a large international network for our students.

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