IELTS Lead Instructor (Limassol, Cyprus)

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This position is based in our Limassol, Cyprus office. The lead instructor advisor will advise students on how to increase their proficiency in the ESL and IELTS testing areas of: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. This person will assist students with their ESL assessment for their English proficiency and coordinate student courses. As the instructor, this position requires that s/he will guide students through their online learning platform and hold one-to-one sessions via online to tutor students. This position requires heavy use of phone calls to arrange classes and the coordination of course placement. This person must be organized and efficient.

  1. All applicants must have excellent (native or near-native) proficiency in English.
  2. All applicants must hold a bachelor's degree or higher in linguistics/applied linguistics, EFL/ESL/TEFL/TESL, and/or language education. (TEFL, TESOL or CELTA certificate.)
  3. Two (2) years of experience teaching test preparation to adult learners for one of the following tests is required: IELTS preferred, TOEFL or PTE Academic.
  4. Must be organized and efficient in CRM database, uploading files, documents and assessments.

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Aston American University is an internationally recognized institution of higher education. Creating opportunities with education, improving lives, and strengthening our communities are the foundations of Aston American University. We have helped students from all over the world focus on their passion, impact their future, and change their world. As we continue to embrace our diverse students with caring and personalized support, we look forward to providing the world with a quality education that works for them.

web red arrowEssential Duties and Responsibilities:

• Student advisory: assessments, class placement, and schedule coordination.
• Heavy phone calls to students.
• Syllabus preparation, lesson planning, and maintenance of student records.
• Assist students with coursework in a variety of formats, including individualized instruction, computer assisted instruction, and self-study courses.
• Contribute to ongoing program development, curriculum development, and assessment.
• Tutor students one-to-one online.
• Teach English language skills needed for the IELTS test sections.
• Provide contextualized, interactive instruction that includes cooperative learning tasks.
• Track attendance and submit monthly reports.
• Respond in a timely matter to staff and students.

Please submit your resume and hourly rate to: - our academic committee will review your qualifications and will contact you if there is a match. Thank you for your interest in Aston American University.


2017-09-28 20:02:16

I really loved this course and will definitely start looking for a job in this field! I don't know how it could be improved. The course feedback was very constructive; especially helpful were the tips for my referencing. My instructor, professor Christiansen was very fast correcting my assignments. The professor also returned my questions - I asked by email - very fast. I never felt I had to wait because I am an online student. Thank you professor!

Bettina Ramseyer
International Management / Aston American University
2017-09-27 00:29:18

Although, overloaded by my daily work and responsibilities, I have been enjoying reading the contents and working on this course’s assignments. The contents of the modules have been carefully selected in a way to add hands-on knowledge to participants. The assignments helped me grasp the message from the course and encouraged me to work on implementing it in my job. The instructor was meticulous in all the aspects of the assignment review. From content to grammar to formatting, I really benefited from the instructor’s positive approach to correct my texts.

Hossam El Zanaty
Managerial Accounting / Aston American University
2017-09-28 20:17:14

I like the the way the instructor commented on the assignments and cared about me as a student. This was a course that gave me a lot of thinking. You think you know a lot about finance, but it is so much more than you think.

Peter Mooe
Corporate Finance / Aston American University
2017-09-26 06:08:31

I liked my instructor’s explanations and enjoyed the course structure, variety of exercises, and possibility of speaking practices with the help of the school’s private English language forum for students.

Vadim Bit-Avragim
IELTS Test Prep / Aston American University
2017-09-28 20:13:52

The course was interactive, which is very good.

Jules Banaken
Principles of E-commerce / Aston American University
2017-09-28 20:09:40

The course was comprehensive. From my first assignment, the instructor did help orienting me through the important and missing components of my marketing strategy. This made me progress and develop a comprehensive product marketing strategy throughout the remaining assignment. This course was one of the courses I enjoyed very much, it helped me master the different aspects of product marketing. If one did seriously try to market his product and had no success, or sales did not meet the ultimate potential of the products, he needs to attend this course.

Hossam El Zanaty
Marketing / Aston American University
2017-09-28 21:16:32

- Good feedback from the instructor.
- Very kind. 
- Fast responses and helped me to finish the course in a very good time.

Mohammed Ibrahim
Accounting / Aston American University
2017-09-27 00:23:26

Consistent follow-up from the university’s team (dean, instructors, advisory office, registrar office) were beyond expectations. The advisory office support was great. The curriculum has changed my conceptual ideas about managing real life. Looking forward to complete my master’s degree with Aston American University. Thanks you all.

Mohamed El Hamdy
Integrated Studies in Management / Aston American University
2017-09-28 00:33:35

Thank you very much for all the help and support you've given to me. This helped me to get an overall score band of an 8!

Seema Daniel
IELTS Test Prep / Aston American University
2017-09-26 06:32:51

Up to now, this was the most enjoyable course. It enriched me and opened my eyes to social responsibility. I am from a country (RSA) where we still need to do more to comply to corporate social responsibility, therefore, this to me was excellent. I believe the instructor was fair.

Christiaan Petrus Johannes
Corporate Social Responsibility / Aston American University
2017-09-26 06:14:01

Aston American University is an excellent university to study English, during the course of my course, I felt supported and guided in the best way, always ready for any questions. My experience has been quite good, I have acquired new knowledge, and I feel more prepared to speak and write the language. I want more people to join this course because it really is worth it and would be a unique opportunity.

Juan Pablo Nessi
English as a Second Language (ESL) / Aston American University