How to Launch Your LinkedIn Profile

icons erinWritten By: Dr. Erin Hill
Academic Chairperson (Business Department)  |  Aston American University

Blog how to launch linkedin profile

Join LinkedIn and create your profile:
1. Go to the LinkedIn sign up page.
2. Click the prompt.
3. Type your first and last name, email address, and a password you'll use.
4. Click Join now.


Professionally Taken Photograph

Your LinkedIn profile is your digital introduction and first impression with your reader. It’s important to look your best, and a professionally taken photograph will ensure you are portrayed in the best light!

Attention Getting Headline

Your LinkedIn headline is very much like a headline in a newspaper. It should grab your reader’s attention and compel them to read more!

Example: *Collaborative*Bilingual*International Project Manager*

Complete Experiences, Keyword-Rich 

A powerful LinkedIn profile includes your past experiences. This area is highly sensitive when it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimization). By including keywords that people are using to find someone like you, you are ensuring that your LinkedIn profile performs well in search and that you will have higher chances of being found.

Connections, Websites, Customized URL

In order to truly leverage LinkedIn, it’s important to have a strong LinkedIn network with many first degree connections. Connect to colleagues, coworkers, friends, family, etc. Don't forget to connect with your educational institutions; for example, list Aston American University as a connection. 

Compelling, Interesting Summary

Your LinkedIn Summary needs to POP! This is your chance to demonstrate to the world that you are an expert and someone who deserves to be noticed! This is where you sell yourself and showcase your accomplishments.

Clear Call to Action

It’s important to tell your reader what to do once they’ve finished reading your LinkedIn summary. Tell them how to reach you! How many opportunities are you missing because you didn’t include your contact information?

REMEMBER: Your LinkedIn profile is NOT your resume. Your resume is your career history and often task-based. Your LinkedIn profile is your CAREER FUTURE! It’s who you are, how you help people, and why you deserve to be noticed. A POWERFUL LinkedIn profile sells YOU!

2017-09-26 23:39:55

It was difficult to start studying again after working 16 years in my professional career. It was difficult to manage my work, family life, and study; but now I believe there are no boundaries to what you can do and think. I think this course was designed perfectly, and as a banker, it helped me a lot. My instructor, Dr. Kandice Smith was very helpful. Whatever was relative to this course, I asked, and she responded in a way that really deserves my appreciation.

Kamran Ahmad Khan
Corporate Finance / Aston American University
2017-09-28 20:39:34

The course formula and the learning materials were very helpful to study business principles. I enjoyed the course very much and already started utilizing what I had learned at work. The response time was above my expectations and the criticism allowed me to improve my English writing.

Robert Kolodziejczyk
Principles of E-Commerce / Aston American University
2017-09-27 01:02:37

I'm from Venezuela. I've finished my ESL 300 course at your university. Now, I can say my English has strongly improved. Thanks to my dear Professor, Sherita Smedley and to all the Aston American University team who made this possible.

Ailym Piñero
English as a Second Language (ESL) / Aston American University
2017-09-26 22:58:46

I have enjoyed this course, it was a good course teaching me the history and current trends of management.

Casper Eloff
International Management / Aston American University
2017-09-27 00:23:26

Consistent follow-up from the university’s team (dean, instructors, advisory office, registrar office) were beyond expectations. The advisory office support was great. The curriculum has changed my conceptual ideas about managing real life. Looking forward to complete my master’s degree with Aston American University. Thanks you all.

Mohamed El Hamdy
Integrated Studies in Management / Aston American University
2017-09-28 20:27:25

This course is one of the more interesting ones and I find it most useful for people planning to start their own business. The course syllabus has been developed in a very logical manner with a graduation of concepts, and enables you to develop a business plan that can come in handy in the future. I am very grateful for the help with my study process.

Waldemar Górski
Entrepreneurship / Aston American University
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Aston American University is an excellent university to study English, during the course of my course, I felt supported and guided in the best way, always ready for any questions. My experience has been quite good, I have acquired new knowledge, and I feel more prepared to speak and write the language. I want more people to join this course because it really is worth it and would be a unique opportunity.

Juan Pablo Nessi
English as a Second Language (ESL) / Aston American University
2017-09-28 20:17:14

I like the the way the instructor commented on the assignments and cared about me as a student. This was a course that gave me a lot of thinking. You think you know a lot about finance, but it is so much more than you think.

Peter Mooe
Corporate Finance / Aston American University
2017-09-26 23:09:16

I liked that my instructor was understanding, flexible, supportive, and knowledgeable. With the positive and constructive feedback I received from my instructor, I can say that my way of thinking as well as handling questions have evolved. Now, I know how to take the IELTS test. I have become more aware of what to expect in the test and how to perform better and score high.

Mohammed Ghaleb Al Hunami
IELTS Test Prep / Aston American University
2017-09-26 22:53:02

This is the first time for me to study online. The course provided me with new information and challenged me to think critically. I learned how to pass the challenges, and I improved more in my business administration career. I want to say thank you to all the Aston American University staff, and special thanks to Georgia from student affairs. Aston American University really stands with me and helps me! I appreciate that! Thank you.

Mohamed Khamis
Marketing / Aston American University
2017-09-26 06:06:26

As I am exposed to corporate finance and studied it before, it is quite extensive. This course gives you enough to think about and is a good guide where to go and what to look for. It challenged me again on some investment rules, NPV and capital budgeting. The criticism from my instructor was positive and stern where applicable, and the instructors where approachable. It has been awhile since studying; thus, I was very excited to start the course. My hectic work environment sometimes curbed my enthusiasm. In the end, I thoroughly enjoyed the course.

Christiaan Petrus Johannes
Corporate Finance / Aston American University