Boost Your LinkedIn Profile by Connecting to LinkedIn Industry Experts

icons erinWritten By: Dr. Erin Hill
Academic Chairperson (Business Department)  |  Aston American University

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Are you looking for a FREE way to accelerate your career? The social media website LinkedIn is known as the World’s Largest Professional Network and has a free resource of industry experts. Industry experts offer current “real world” advice, article links, events, seminars, blogs, etc.

There are five quick ways to boost your LinkedIn profile by connecting to industry experts:

  1. Search Your Industry: Simply conduct a key word search and see who is at the top of the LinkedIn list. Do you notice the member actively writing articles, enriching group discussions, posting articles, blogging, etc.? If so, you may have found an industry expert to connect with.

  2. Find Active LinkedIn Group Members: Pay attention to who is contributing to your valuable group discussions. The active members tend to be leaders in their field. Seek out group members who are posting the latest tools and techniques and connect to them via the group you have in common.

  3. Check Out Your Home Page: Click on your home page at least once per week to see who is contributing to LinkedIn on your network. If one of your connections is posting beneficial information, you may have found an industry expert.

  4. Follow Members & Companies: Once you have discovered an industry expert, click to follow them and stay connected to their new posts, discussions, articles, etc.

  5. Respond to Discussions & Comment: Start to get noticed by industry leaders by responding to their discussions and providing worthwhile feedback. Positive and valuable feedback is an instantaneous way to make an impact with an expert. By following the steps above, you will be able to promptly search, find, check out, follow and respond to a FREE network of industry experts. Best wishes!