• Frequently Asked Questions
  • 1. What kinds of students attend Aston American University?

    Aston American University students are the same as any other college students. While some are coming directly from high school or transferring from other colleges, a majority of our students are working professionals who are balancing their career responsibilities with their online degree program. Most of our students have busy schedules that don’t allow them to attend an on-campus program and keep their current job. Although they all have different reasons for attending Aston, they all have one thing in common: They want the benefits of a degree from a prestigious American university with the flexibility that an online college provides.

  • 2. What are online courses like?

    The online courses at Aston all strive to provide the most interactive learning experience available through cutting-edge technology, experienced professors and worldwide professional engagement. In your online courses, you will attend with other students from over 180 countries around the world. Using our integrated software, you will be able to discuss, share and learn from your professors and colleagues, share research and fulfill the requirements for each course. You will be given a clear description of each course on day 1, and will have ample time to complete each assignment (complete with a rubric which shows you how to get the best grades on each one). You will be responsible to complete your assignments on time and to the specifications on the rubrics. However, if you have questions, you have access to support in our local support learning centers as well as our 24-hour online support.

  • 3. How much time should I spend each week in my online courses?

    The most successful Aston University students set aside between 5-8 hours of dedicated study and learning time each week. This number is partially determined by your ability to learn the subject matter at hand, but it is also dependent on how quickly it takes you to read or view required learning materials. Use your best judgment, but be sure to set aside approximately two hours of study each week for every credit hour you are completing online.

  • 4. Do I have to be online a certain time each day?

    The benefit of having online classes is that you can do them at any time of the day or night. This is especially helpful for students who are employed full-time and can’t afford to miss any work. Online courses allow you to log in when it’s convenient for your life. You don’t have to be online any specific time.

  • 5. What’s the difference between online and on-campus courses?

    At Aston University, you are held to the same rigorous academic standards that you would be if you were actually attending college in America. Our professors expect your best work, communication and interaction, just as if you were sitting in their classrooms. Although you can log in at your own leisure and don’t have to travel to your courses, you must turn in your assignments on time and to the correct specifications, just like in an on-campus class.

  • 6. What kind of personal support is available?

    Aston University uses a network of technology, social networking and satellite support offices to make sure you feel confident in your educational journey. Not only do we offer 24-hour online support services, but we have a series of local support centers that give you degree-specific help from local academicians.

    In addition, we offer intensive language support to help you complete your degree. Whether your native language is English or one of the other 180 languages we support, you can complete your whole program in the language that is most comfortable for you. We are here every step of the way to make sure you understand each assignment, class and requirement for your success.

  • 7. What kind of technical support is available?

    We have a 24-hour help desk that will be happy to troubleshoot problems that you have with our in-house technology or connecting with your hardware.

  • 8. What kind of instructors will I have?

    Each of our instructors has been hand-picked because of their expertise in their respective fields. Most of your professors will have years of professional experience dealing with their subject matter. Many of them are also prominent in their fields, having produced a number of publications and being affiliated with cutting-edge academic journals, research projects and professional organizations.

  • 9. How do I communicate with my instructors if I have questions or problems?

    Not only do our professors offer regular office hours, they are available virtually any time via e-mail or social networking applications. Regardless of when you contact your professor, most of the time they respond within a few hours, and sometimes within a few minutes!

  • 10. What kinds of computers or software do I need to complete my courses?

    Most students find that a standard computer with Internet access is sufficient for completing their online Aston University classes. It is not usually necessary to purchase a top-of-the-line computer or other hardware systems. When you enroll with Aston, you will need to purchase our basic integrated package, approximately $150, which gives you a copy of the Microsoft Office Suite and our Blackboard Interactive System.

  • 11. Do I have to have Internet access to complete my course?

    Yes. All the materials for your courses are located in a virtual storage area that is located on the Internet. That means that the only way you can access your learning materials is via the Internet.

  • 12. Will I use traditional books or e-books for my Aston courses?

    Although some courses may require you to purchase a physical book, most of them will utilize online resources (such as professional journals, online news sources and multimedia files) and virtual e-books. At Aston University, your $150 enrollment fee covers the cost of all textbooks and equipment that you might need to have in order to complete your online degree.

  • 13. How many students are in an online Aston American University class?

    At Aston, our goal is for you to have the most personalized learning experience possible in an online environment. That’s why each of your courses will have between 15-30 students enrolled at one time. This gives you a better chance of interacting with the teacher and having a better overall learning experience.

  • 14. How do I connect with other online students?

    It’s easy to interact with other students through our online engagement system, Blackboard Interactive System. We also have active Facebook and Twitter communities, so you can ask questions, share resources and make professional connections with other career-oriented students just like you.

  • 15. Can online students get student aid?

    Absolutely! Online students are eligible for a number of student aid programs, depending on academic achievement and financial need. Our financial aid office is dedicated to making your student aid application as easy and hassle-free as possible. Once you’ve contacted their office, they will walk you through each step of the application process and help you qualify for the financial aid you are eligible for

  • 16. How do online students complete internships?

    Our career services office is happy to help you find an internship placement, regardless of where you live. Since we have satellite support offices around the world, we work together with you to find an internship opportunity that is in your local community. Working with a local advisor and through the career services office, you can complete all the required hours necessary to gain your advanced degree.

  • 17. Can I attend a graduation ceremony?

    We invite all Aston University students to attend a virtual graduation ceremony from whatever location they prefer. And, if you are interested in attending a live ceremony, we hold two graduations each year on our American campus. You are invited to travel to our campus and participate, as long as you contact the school in advance and inform us of your intention to “walk” at graduation. Additional costs apply for travel, housing.

  • 18. Do online students receive the same kind of diploma as on-campus students?

    Yes. The diploma you receive from Aston University is exactly the same as one you might receive from an on-campus American college. There is no distinction between our online and on-campus degrees.

  • 19. Is online school right for me?

    Although everyone’s situation is different, Aston University’s online programs are a good choice for virtually everyone. Aston is a prestigious American university that provides the highest level of academic excellence. In addition, our online programs make it possible for students from around the world to complete their American degree program in record time and without ever missing a day of work. An online degree is also highly attractive to international companies, since online students learn amazing 21st century skills like virtual communication and technological confidence.

  • 20. Where can I find more information about applying to Aston’s online programs?

    If you are interested in learning more about Aston University’s online programs, please fill out a request form to get more information about our school. One of our admissions advisors will contact you within 24 hours and find out how Aston can help you reach your academic and career goals.

  • 21. How long will I take to study?

    Our courses are tailored to individual needs to save time. We know how busy you are; hence, we do not waste your time studying unnecessary material. Everything will be tailored according to your needs. For instance, our doctorate degree programs do not exceed 2 years. Contact us to know about the study durations.

  • 22. What is the work of private academic coaches?

    They are always available to assist students online. They help student achieve their academic goals by providing directions and steps by which to reach these goals. We strongly emphasis on a student-centered approach and these private coaches,builds self-advocacy and encourages students to wholly engage with all available resources and learning opportunities we provide.

  • 23. What type of assessment should I expect?

    Continuous assessment- This is typically comprises of assignments you undertake during the course An examinable content - A project or an examination at the closing stages of the module

  • 24. How do you handle disabled students?

    Picking the qualification, which is appropriate for you, is very vital. Depending on your disability, mental health disability, long-term health condition, or specific learning difficulty, you might realize that some qualifications can be trickier than others. You might need to weigh some challenges posed by:

    • • The learning capabilities to be assessed- for instance, to enroll for a degree relating to language, you should be physically capable of speaking well.

    Therefore, before enrolling, consult with our staff for more guidelines on how we will handle your disability.

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