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Student Voices

Mohammed Ibrahim, BBA (Jan. 2017)

graduate mohammed ibrahimHow was your overall experience with Aston American University?

It was really a good experience. The instructors were very responsive and helpful whenever I had any issues, especially Mr. Tim Johnson. I only had him for one course, but whenever I had questions, I would contact him through Skype and he would help me like a guidance counsellor. Great experience overall.

How did you find out about Aston American University?

I remember I was searching online for two days to find an American university. On the second day of searching, I was contacted by Ms. Iman. She explained everything to me and I registered immediately. At first, I joined Aston American University to only get a certificate. When I finished it, I decided to better my education and go for a degree.

Why did you decide to further your study with Aston American University?

After graduating high school, I wanted to continue my education in business administration, but my family did not think it was a good major, so I decide to go to Malaysia to study. I came back to my country and picked Aston American University mainly because of the tuition. Most of the universities, especially in the USA are very expensive. Aston American University also offered me a scholarship because of the crisis in Yemen, which was another reason I picked Aston American University.

What did you find most demanding during your studies?

I was doing a double major. Time management was an issue for me. There were times I would only sleep 4 hours. That was my only difficulty. But, I did it!

Would you recommend Aston American University?

Yes, for sure. I would recommend it to my friends who would like to further their studies and get a good knowledge in business. I think they would also like that Aston American University also has low tuition fees compared to other American universities. Also, the instructors were very responsive. I felt that I had someone always there to help when I needed it.

What do you plan on doing with your degree and skills you’ve learned from Aston American University?

Starting next month, I plan on doing freelancing, training, marketing, and market branding.

What are your goals in life?

I just completed one big goal: I graduated!

Now, I would like to continue my education and get a bachelor’s degree in information systems with a minor in marketing, and then get my master’s degree. Maybe after I am done with my studies, I can become an instructor at Aston American University!