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Students eligible for financial assistance should contact the admissions department, fill out the scholarship form, and submit it with the application. Financial assistance includes: work study, tuition waivers due to hardship, and awards for outstanding educational achievement.

Name: Aston American University Academic Excellence Award

Purpose: Award is given to assist students from disadvantaged, low-income backgrounds or students who display other financial need in completing their degree. This award is also based on academic excellence and involvement in the community.

Amount awarded: Between $500 to $3000 per program.

Expense categories covered: Tuition only.

Eligibility criteria: Award is available to both domestic and international students who exhibit a clear financial need, which is determined by Aston financial aid officers. Excellence in prior coursework as demonstrated on a student’s official high school or college transcript is taken into consideration. Ideal candidates for this award will further have demonstrated high levels of leadership, integrity, community involvement, self-motivation, and personal responsibility.

Deadlines: Due to rolling enrollment, deadline for this award happen multiple times throughout the year. Please contact the admission’s office for specific deadlines corresponding to enrollment.

Notification: Students receiving this award are also eligible for the Aston American University School of Business Administration Award. Contact the admissions advisor for more information.

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