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Your ability to speak, write, and comprehend English in the United States would affect your productivity in life and subsequently, earning potential. The Business English Certificate program prepares students for effective business communication, and is for those who seek to conduct themselves in a professional environment to utilize the most effective English standards in the workplace. The Business English Certificate program is ideal for people whose English is their second language (ESL) and need the business English skills essential for professional advancements, job opportunities, transactions, and the execution of written correspondence. Aston American University developed the Business English Certificate to:

  • Enhance higher level English composition skills;
  • Improve fluency and pronunciation in business situations (such as, but not limited to: social interactions, transactions and negotiations, meetings, telephone conversations, and presentations);
  • Develop written business communication skills (such as, but not limited to: letters, reports, and emails); and
  • Learn business terminology and the basics of American business culture.

Students will be instructed by highly educated and qualified English language instructors who hold doctoral and master’s level degrees. Their corporate business experience will be an asset for each student’s learning experience as Aston American University instructors will provide personalized mentorship to each student. By taking your next step to improve your business English with Aston American University, you will gain sufficient knowledge to apply yourself in a variety of English settings such as: grammar, vocabulary, listening and reading comprehension, speaking, pronunciation, and writing.

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Prior to starting the Business English Certificate program with Aston American University, it is required that each student will take an assessment test to ensure that the current level of English proficiency matches the necessary entrance level for the Business English Certificate program. If students do not meet the minimum requirement to be placed in the Business English Certificate program, students will need to take an alternate ESL 100-400 placement test (to determine the student’s appropriate English proficiency) and take the appropriate ESL course level before proceeding to the Business English Certificate program.

The Business English Certificate program requires 12 completed credits: (3 courses, 4 credits each).

1 ENG105 Business English Comprehension 5 4
2 BUS205 Business English Communications 5 4
3 BUS305 Introduction to Business N/A 4

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Transfer of Credits 

Credits from the Business English Certificate program may be transferred to Aston American University’s Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program or the Master of Business Administration (MBA) program.

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The Business English Certificate program is on a rolling admission and students may apply at any time. Aston American University’s Business English Certificate program takes approximately three to four (3-4) months to complete.

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Students must attend ten (10) online web conferences (one-to-one sessions) with their instructors for forty-five (45) minutes per session, and all online coursework must be completed. Students who do not complete all requirements of the program will not be eligible for the certificate and may have to re-take portions of the program. Instructors may suggest additional tutoring hours for students who are not ready to progress to the next course in the Business English Certificate program.

Students are required to pass a final examination at the end of each course. A minimum score of 70% on each final examination is needed in order to successfully pass the course.

web red arrowE-Learning System

The e-learning system is an online educational management system with tailored course materials where students and instructors interact. Students are required to complete all online coursework and materials. Course materials include: presentations, assignments, quizzes, and final exams.

web red arrowE-Learning System

The e-learning system is an online educational management system with tailored course materials where students and lecturers interact. Course materials include: presentations, readings, videos, assignments, quizzes, and a final exam. Following enrollment, a unique username and password will be issued for each student to access the e-learning platform. Students of Aston American University may login the system with their username and password by clicking the following link:

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