Mini Bachelor of Business Administration Program

Possess practical business knowledge.

Mini BBA Aston American University

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The Mini Bachelor of Arts (Mini BBA) in Business Administration program is a professional certificate focused on the fundamentals of business. It is designed to produce graduates who possess the practical knowledge and the associated critical thinking skills desired in today’s competitive business world. Students will be grounded in the study of business, personalized by the selection of a curriculum chosen by each student to fit their experience and needs.

Degree programs from Aston American University are primarily designed to serve the education needs of working adults with the flexibility and support of a modern online institution. Graduates of Aston American University’s Mini Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration program will be expected to demonstrate knowledge of:

  • Multidisciplinary subject matters represented in the business curriculum;
  • Key concepts and foundational principles of financial and managerial accounting;
  • Basic concepts and principles of economics;
  • Key concepts, foundational principles, and basic legal and regulatory facts pertaining to the business environment;
  • History, theories, principles, and functions of the management process;
  • Key concepts and foundational principles of corporate finance and investments;
  • Key concepts and foundational principles of marketing and market research;
  • International dimensions of the contemporary business environment; and  
  • Moral and ethical business decision-making and leadership.

web red arrowProgram Requirements

Tuition 3800

  • One (1) prerequisite course (BUS305 Introduction to Business) required: (1 course, 4 credits total);
  • Choose any four (4) from the following core courses: (4 courses, 16 credits total). 

The Mini Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration program requires 20 completed credits:
(5 courses, 4 credits each).



1 BUS305 REQUIRED ] Introduction to Business 4
2 BUS360 Principles of E-Commerce 4
3 BUS370 Entrepreneurship 4
4 FIN300 Introduction to Finance 4
5 HRM310 Human Resources Management 4
6 MGT335 Foundations of Leadership 4
7 MGT350 Organizational Behavior 4
8 MKT300 Marketing 4
9 MGT300 Principles of Management 4
10 MGT340 Strategic Management 4
11 BUS200 Business Communication 4
12 BUS320 Business Law and Ethics 4
13 ACT300 Principles of Accounting 4
14 ECON300 Economics 4
15 BUS330 International Business 4
16 BUS380 Business Information Systems 4
17 MGT360 Operations Management 4
18 CRT100 Critical Thinking, Decision-Making 4
19 MGT320 Production and Systems Management 4
20 BUS350 Applied Decision-Making 4

web red arrowTransfer of Credits from Other Schools

No transfer credits allowed.

web red arrowAcademic Calendar

Aston American University’s Mini BBA program takes approximately six (6) months to complete. The academic year consists of four (4) semesters with two to four (2-4) courses per semester. Courses are based on a flexible and self-learning structure to accommodate each student’s business and personal responsibilities.

web red arrowExam System and Course Passing

Students are required to pass a final examination at the end of each course. A minimum score of 140 out of 200 points, or 70% on the final examination is needed in order to successfully pass the course.

web red arrowE-Learning System

The e-learning system is an online educational management system with tailored course materials where students and lecturers interact. Course materials include: presentations, readings, videos, assignments, quizzes, and a final exam. Following enrollment, a unique username and password will be issued for each student to access the e-learning platform. Students of Aston American University may login the system with their username and password by clicking the following link:

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